Alliance selects Neeson and Dickson for Assembly election in East Antrim

East Antrim Alliance Party has selected sitting MLA Séan Neeson and Carrickfergus Councillor Stewart Dickson to stand in the forthcoming Assembly election. The election is due to take place next March.

Séan Neeson MLA said: “I am honoured to have been re-selected to contest the Assembly election for Alliance in East Antrim.

“People have come to agree with us that tribal politics must end. Our victory in the Skerries by-election last week over the DUP, UUP, SDLP and Sinn Fein illustrates people’s strength of feeling about the way forward.

“Alliance is the only party that really works for everyone in Northern Ireland.”

Ald Stewart Dickson: “I am extremely pleased to have been chosen to represent Alliance in East Antrim in the next Assembly election.

“The sectarian parties have wasted time and squandered opportunities in recent years. Only Alliance offers a real alternative to tribalism. We want to make people’ everyday lives better. We do not get bogged down in bigotry, we fight it.

“The people of Northern Ireland are being let down by the sectarian parties. They run away from confronting real issues like stopping rates hikes and water charges. This means that local people suffer because of tribal politics. Its time for a change because the people of Northern Ireland deserve better than tribalism.”


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