Action and investment needed to implement findings of domestic violence report

Alliance Party Chair Yvonne Boyle has welcomed a government report aiming to help improve service for those affected by domestic violence. She said that the need for action on this issue has been highlighted by recent media reports that large numbers of people will be affected by domestic violence this Christmas. She stated that urgent action must be taken and funding provided to tackle this problem. The report was commissioned by the NIO after the launch of their ‘Tackling domestic violence at home’ strategy earlier this year.

Yvonne Boyle who is a senior in mental health worker said: “Northern Ireland needs better services to protect those affected by domestic violence.

“I am pleased that the government are taking this issue seriously and I hope that they act and provide funding for services as a matter of urgency.

“I would welcome the creation of multi-agency one stop shops to help combat domestic violence in Northern Ireland. A joined-up approach would make it easier to end this blight on our society. The government must follow this report with action and investment in services.

“We have recently heard in the media that appallingly high numbers of people will face domestic violence over the Christmas period. These media reports highlight the need for immediate action to combat this problem.”


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