Alliance selects Mayor of Lisburn for Assembly

Mayor of Lisburn, Trevor Lunn has been selected by Lagan Valley Alliance Association as their candidate for the Assembly election, which is scheduled for 7 March 2007. Trevor has succeeded Seamus Close as Alliance Representative for Lagan Valley.

Following his selection Cllr Lunn said: “It is a privilege to be selected as Alliance candidate for Lagan Valley. The Alliance Party has strong support and a great track record of hard work in the Lagan Valley area.

“The Alliance Party is the only real alternative to tribal politics for the people of Lagan Valley. We work for everyone in the area not just one section of the community.

“I have had the honour of representing Lisburn as Mayor of the city and I believe that I can help to further strengthen the economy and tourism potential of the whole Lagan Valley area.

“With neither the DUP giving a clear commitment to power-sharing, nor Sinn Fein indicating their support for policing and the rule of law, a question mark remains over the much needed restoration of devolution. We will keep the pressure on the other parties to help achieve genuine power-sharing and ensure that they make real commitments on policing.

“Alliance represents equality and value for money. We will work to provide the highest quality services in health, education and policing for everyone.

“We are the only party that can effectively fight to end sectarianism and provide a shared future in Northern Ireland. The economic, financial and social costs of a divided society are huge. We will prevent billions from being wasted on segregation and put this money into create better key services for Northern Ireland.”


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