Alliance selects Dickson and Donnelly for East Antrim

Stewart Dickson MLA and Alliance activist, Danny Donnelly have been selected to contest the Assembly election in East Antrim.

The local Alliance Association selected the duo at a selection meeting on Wednesday (March 18). Mr Dickson is the sitting MLA and was re-elected to represent East Antrim in May 2016. Mr Donnelly, who lives in Larne, is well known for his passion for campaigning on environmental issues. He also ran in the last Assembly election.

Following their selection, the candidates issued a joint statement saying:

“We are determined to strongly contest this snap election and are more ready than ever to represent the people of East Antrim.

“The East Antrim electorate made their decision eight months ago. The two main parties have since chosen to reject this decision. Perhaps this election will give people the opportunity to vote differently and hold the failed governing parties to account.

“While the future of the institutions is more uncertain, Alliance is continuing to work hard for everyone locally and is ready for an election – what we now need is for people who want change to vote for it.”

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