Alliance seeks assurances from Hain on victims and a shared future

Speaking in relation to today’s meeting with the Secretary of State Peter Hain, Alliance Leader David Ford said he is seeking assurances on the implementation of a shared future. He also called on Peter Hain to address the issue of giving victims a voice. Alliance recently published a paper addressing the legacy of the past, which suggested the appointment of an international commission to look at dealing with the past.

David Ford stated: “We are seeking assurances from Peter Hain on a shared future and dealing with legacy of the past.

“One billion pounds is wasted yearly on dividing our society. More integrated schools and shared services must be created so that we can spend this 1 billion pounds on improving key public services. Ending segregation will not only combat sectarianism, it will let us give the people of Northern Ireland better hospitals and schools.

“The legacy of the past must be addressed. We would a like to see the creation of an international commission to deal with the past. This might involve the creation of a day of remembrance and a memorial to victims. We must remember the past to create a better future.

“I am looking forward to a productive meeting with the Secretary of State today.”


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