Alliance meets taxi drivers and backs their proposals

Alliance Party Assembly Member, Kieran McCarthy has backed taxi drivers’ new proposals for their industry and today met drivers and their union representatives as they submitted their response to the draft taxi legislation.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “The taxi drivers’ proposals will provide the best deal for both passengers and drivers. I am pleased that they want fares to be set through negotiations between the General Consumer Council, Department of Regional Development ( DRD) and taxi drivers’ representatives.

“I strongly support the taxi drivers’ proposals for the future of their industry.

“I am also pleased they stated that all public hire taxi must have access for people with disabilities and that all taxi drivers should hold NVQ level two in working with passengers with disabilities.

“I support taxi drivers’ request that police should have full enforcement powers on taxi registrations.

“I also back their demand that grievance and disciplinary procedures should be negotiated with DRD and their union, to protect both the public and drivers.”


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