Alliance says time-limited and independently-chaired mechanism needed to implement Haass

Alliance East Belfast MLA, Chris Lyttle, has called for the urgent implementation of the Haass proposals on the past, while a time-limited, independently-chaired mechanism should be used to reach agreement between the parties on the outstanding issues on parades and flags. Chris will propose an amendment during an Assembly debate on Monday on the Haass proposals.

Sinn Fein Motion: Haass/O’Sullivan Proposals

That this Assembly acknowledges that the published Haass/O’Sullivan proposals represent a significant opportunity for political parties to show positive leadership, have the potential to make a meaningful contribution to the peace building process and offer an opportunity to take significant steps forward in a number of difficult policy areas; notes that Doctor Haass was invited jointly by the five Executive parties to chair the process and thanks Dr Haass, Prof O’Sullivan and their team for their very worthy contributions over the past six months; calls on the Executive to begin putting in place the foundation for the implementation of its provisions; and further calls on all parties to support their successful implementation.

[Ms J McCann, Mr G Kelly, Ms C Ruane]

Alliance amendment

Proposed: Leave out all after second “Executive” and insert:

‘to take urgent steps to implement the provisions relating to dealing with the past and to develop a time-limited, independently-chaired mechanism to reach agreement between the parties on outstanding issues on parades and flags, building on the progress made and delivering real change to meet the aspirations of the public who invested hope in the Haass process.’

[Mr C Lyttle, Mr D Ford, Dr S Farry, Mr S Dickson]

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “The Alliance Party would like to see the Haass proposals implemented, but we reserve the right to give the public our honest assessment of what progress has been made in each of the three issues.

“We believe that the final package fell short of what this process was mandated to achieve. It also failed to meet the hopes and aspirations that the public invested in this process.

“All five parties have indicated that they will take part in a leaders meeting on Tuesday. It is important that this meeting is used to agree a way forward for implementation where agreement occurs and to develop a mechanism to close the gaps where differences exist. In particular, we believe that the proposals on the past should be urgently implemented as they present a basis from which to deliver improved access to justice, information and services for victims, and reconciliation for our society.

“However, it is important that the next stage is time-limited and independently-chaired so that the public can see results. People do not want more process, they want progress.”


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