Alliance says Green New Deal is essential for our economy

Alliance Party Sustainability Spokesperson Alan Lawther has called on the relevant Executive Ministers to consider creating a Green New Deal to strengthen our economy and create jobs.

Antrim Councillor Alan Lawther said: “I believe a Green New Deal is essential for Northern Ireland to fulfil its potential in terms of sustainability and renewable energy. We need to take a strategic approach to build our green economy.

“Rolling out schemes to insulate homes and businesses would be good for our construction sector whilst also helping conserve energy and helping minimise energy bills. I would also like to see more encouragement and assistance for businesses and homeowners to install renewable energy systems. Installing smart meters in homes would also assist in energy conservation and incentives could be created to encourage people to take measures to increase sustainability.

“A Green New Deal should also include boosting green technology through funding from both government and the private sector. We have massive potential as regards wind and tidal power and this is another area which we should be looking to expand.

“At this time, with potential cuts looming in our public finances, we need to boost enterprise and a Green New Deal would help greatly to boost our economy and create jobs.”


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