Alliance says C Diff devastation must be tackled through more cleaning staff

Following news of four more deaths in the Northern Trust area as a result of C. Difficile, Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA said that this devastating trend must be tackled with radical action from the Minister. He said that there is a real need for hospitals to be provided with more cleaning staff that are on duty around the clock. He said these new staff should be funded by efficiencies in health service bureaucracy.

Strangford MLA Kieran McCarthy said: “It’s extremely worrying that it appears this massive problem is not being eradicated effectively. Tragic deaths like these have to be stopped and radical action is needed.

“We need more cleaning staff provided for our hospitals now, and we need these staff to be provided around the clock. Current protocols are simply not working. Efficiencies must be made to bureaucracy in our health service and these savings should help fund more cleaning staff in the longer-term, but we need the Minister to intervene now.

“I am glad the Assembly has the chance to debate this devastating issue on Tuesday. This is an extremely difficult issue to tackle, but more action must be taken urgently to ensure that we can maintain public confidence in our health service.”


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