Alliance Responds to IMC Report

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry MLA, has responded to the 21st Report of the Independent Monitoring Commission and stressed that the ongoing pattern of incidents related to dissident Republicans prior to the March murders highlights the need for vigilance.

Dr Stephen Farry MLA stated: “The main point that should be drawn from this report is further confirmation that the murders of the soldiers and police officer by RIRA and CIRA respectively in March this year were not isolated incidents but part of a growing pattern of threats directed against the police and the wider community. It must be noted that there were a number of attacks that could have resulted in deaths.

“The lesson of this report is that there can be no room for complacency, and it is critical that our local police service have the resources and flexibility to protect themselves and the public.

“Alliance notes the reported continued deliberations within both the UDA and UVF over decommissioning. Over a decade on from the Good Friday Agreement, there can be no scope for any further prevarication and excuses. Furthermore, I hope that the government will hold out on offering any quid pro quos in exchange for decommissioning. If that is what some organisations are holding out for then they should be given the clear message that they are deluding themselves, and to just get on with it.

“We welcome the continued reassurance from the IMC regarding the absence of any illegal activities from PIRA. This provides continued assurance of the integrity of the political process.”


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