Alliance representatives meet agencies over Carncaver Road problems

Alliance representatives in East Belfast have met with a number of agencies to discuss a range of issues relating to a major road in the area.

MLA Judith Cochrane and Councillor Carole Howard met with Transport NI and Belfast City Council at Carncaver Road off the upper Castlereagh Road on several matters, after residents approached the Alliance duo.

Mrs Cochrane said Transport NI had pledged to carry out numerous actions following the meeting.

“The organisation will tidy the perimeter of Carncaver Road, including hedges, grass banks, road markings and other areas. It will also endeavour to see if any remedial action is required for the nearby bus stop.

“There is also a need for extra cleansing along the same stretch, so I hope Belfast City Council will work on this in the future in order to keep it in as good a shape as possible. Residents have a right to live in clean surroundings and I am confident this meeting will ensure this is now the case along Carncaver Road.”

Councillor Howard added Belfast City Council had committed to a more thorough cleansing of the street.

“Certain areas along the road had not been cleaned for months, with rubbish such as bin bags, alcohol containers and large toys left lying. That is simply not acceptable. At the meeting, we discussed the need for more regular cleaning, which the Council will now examine as a possibility.”

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