Alliance quick off mark in East Belfast Westmisnter campaign

East Belfast Alliance Assembly Member and Westminster candidate, Naomi Long, was one of the first candidates to successfully lodge her papers as nominations opened for Westminster this morning.

She and her fellow Belfast Alliance candidates Gerri Rice (South Belfast) and Marjorie Hawkins (North Belfast) were joined at the Electoral office this morning by Alliance Party Deputy Leader, Eileen Bell, who came along to endorse the all-female Belfast team.

Speaking after nomination, Naomi Long (33) said, “Over the last number of years, I hope that I have proven myself to be a dedicated and hard-working

local representative and a positive and articulate voice speaking up for what is in the best interests of all the people of East Belfast.

“In the Westminster race, I believe that as the Alliance candidate I am offering the people of East Belfast a fresh, positive and constructive

approach to politics, and the only real alternative to the negative, tribal politics which have dominated the scene for so long.”


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