Alliance prepared to move economy into 21st century

Alliance Party Leader David Ford has reiterated his call for parties to meet the call for an all-party economic forum.

Responding to the latest jobs losses, this time in West Belfast, David Ford stated: “It is time to move Northern Ireland’s economy on from the 1970s. The issue is not that the public sector is too big, it is that the private sector is too small.

“We have to come up with a package of proposals that politicians can take responsibility for and deliver on. We have to narrow the gap between politicians and those in business, from entrepreneurs to trade unionists. And we have to focus on concrete actions, not mere talk.

“Our people simply can no longer afford not to create enough wealth to pay their own way. Our standard of living will decrease unless we get this right urgently.

“The challenge is on for other parties to meet people’s demands and secure our prosperity and stability.”


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