Alliance pleased that RICS agrees with them on need to tackle division

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn who sponsored the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors manifesto launch at Stormont today, said he’s glad the RICS agree with Alliance that the cost of segregation has to be tackled head-on. The RICS have said that the £1billion annually wasted on managing division, which Alliance has highlighted for years, should be put into improving our water infrastructure.

Lagan Valley MLA Trevor Lunn said: “We are glad to see that the RICS agrees with us and recognises that we need to urgently tackle the cost of segregation. We are also pleased that, like us, they recognise that an enormous amount of money must be spend on improving our water infrastructure.

“Every pound of government money wasted is a pound less to be spent on vital projects such as the improvement of our water and sewerage services, education and the health service.

“So many people are coming round to the idea of tackling segregation and Alliance is very pleased that others are joining us in our campaign to end division in Northern Ireland.”


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