Alliance Party holding ‘Best for the West’ event in Omagh

Alliance Leader David Ford has announced that his party will be holding an event in Omagh to discuss how to get a better deal for the West and improve health and transport locally. The seminar, which is open to the public, will be held on Saturday 21 June at the Strule Arts Centre. David Ford has encouraged local people to attend and voice their views on improvements they want to see for their area.

David Ford said: “As someone with my family roots in West Tyrone, I know that for too long the West has had a raw deal. Health, transport, education and youth services are grossly underfunded west of the Bann.

“People in the West have been treated like second-class citizens. Even the return of devolution has not delivered any real improvements for people in this region.

“The Alliance Party is the opposition in the Assembly. We are holding the Stormont Executive to account for their failure to take radical decision to improve services and help businesses.

“The Alliance Leadership and the Youth Wing of the Party are coming to Omagh on Saturday 21 June, and we what to hear what local people think. You know what your towns and communities need, and we will listen and take your case to Stormont.

“Tribal politicians in the west have failed local people. The public want a shared future and shared services. Ending segregation would mean that better services could be provided and community relations would be strengthened.”

Alliance Youth Chair Stephen Martin said: “This event is about hearing what local people have to say, because we think that other parties have failed to meet their needs.

“I would strongly encourage any young people wanting to get involved or learn more about politics to come along for a chat.

“Young people are sick of hearing the same rows about flags and parades. They’re fed up with homophobia and racism and are tired of young people being ignored. They want an alternative that will work for everyone and will listen to young people. That what Alliance is all about.”


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