Alliance nominates Julian Crozier for South Down

The Alliance Party has nominated Julian Crozier as its candidate for the South Down Constituency in the Westminster Election.

Julian Crozier lives near Rathfriland where he works a small agricultural holding. He is a former civil servant and Chief Executive of the Training Employment Agency who now is employed as a consultant dealing mainly with policy advice. He has experience of a number of government departments including Agriculture, Finance and Economic Development. He was a founder member of the Ombudsman’s office. Much of his career has been spent on equality matters as well as employment and training issues with the objective of supporting the development of the Northern Ireland economy and enabling people to find satisfying jobs.

Julian has been Chairman of the South Down branch of the Alliance Party for a number of years and is a member of the Party’s Executive. He joined Alliance mainly because it was the only political party in Northern Ireland whose top priority was the well being of people rather than the defence or promotion of some form of Irish or British nationalism. His main interests are in working for a future in which the people of Northern Ireland, of whatever persuasion, can live and prosper together without sectarian pressures, the promotion of economic progress, including the well being of the rural community, education and training, and the protection of the environment.


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