Alliance Newtownabbey councillors meeet police

Newtownabbey Alliance representatives, Councillor Tom Campbell (Antrim Line) and Deputy Mayor Alderman Lynn Frazer (University), have met senior Police officers to discuss local issues.

Speaking after the meeting with Newtownabbey PSNI Commander Nigel Ritchie, the Alliance representatives said that the discussion had been very constructive and had centred around the issues of paramilitary displays and also under age drinking and associated crime.

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Campbell said: “For me having just been elected to the council, this meeting was very much about getting to know the local police and to find out first-hand their priorities for the area.

“It has been very heartening to see statistics for recorded crime for the Newtownabbey area showing a considerable drop, in particular the fact that criminal damage and burglaries are down by around 30%.

“We discusssed the increase in underage drinking, and the petty crime assocaiated with it. The figures the police showed us of the seizures of alcohol demonstrated the urgent need to tackle the problem of young people drinking, whether it is those following or opposing bands or the youth on the street corner. Many local residents are concerned at the all to visible affects of hooliganism particularly when fueled by alcohol. Many do not feel safe in their own homes. The police understand these are important issues for the local community and have assured us that they will be taking steps to address this.”

Alderman Frazer said: “I felt that this was a positive and constructive meeting, the first of many, and I also welcome the reduction in crime figures which will be welcome news for many. The problem all too often with youth crime can partly be explained by the lack of local youth clubs and this is something that we will seek to address.”


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