Long welcomes Glen Road safety fence

Alliance Councillor, Michael Long, has welcomed Roads Service decision to provide a 250 foot long safety fence on Glen Road in Casltereagh following several accidents in which cars had ploughed through the existing hedge.

Councillor Long said: “I am delighted that this fence is to be erected after I had raised the matter with Roads Service following complaints from local residents. In the recent past, a number of accidents have seen cars go through the hedge at Glen Road. This new safety fence should make this less likely to happen and so reduce the impact of further serious accidents.

“In addition the new fence will help to tidy up the area as the existing hedge has often become overgrown with the result that local pedestrians have been forced to walk on the road. The new fence will eliminate this problem as well and I therefore welcome the Roads Service announcement regarding this work. I have been informed that, following an assessment of the area, the work will be completed within the current financial year.”


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