Alliance motion calls for PSNI to get freedom of Castlereagh

Alliance Castlereagh Council group will call for the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to be given the Freedom of the Borough at a meeting on Thursday night.
The motion has been tabled by Councillor Carole Howard on behalf of the Party, in recognition of the PSNI’s service to Castlereagh, as well as crediting the dedication to duty of its members. It is hoped that it will receive full Council support.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, the Alliance Whip in Castlereagh, Councillor Michael Long said: “Alliance believes conferring this honour on the PSNI is an essential move by Castlereagh Council, giving full recognition to the dedicated service the PSNI has given to the borough and Northern Ireland as a whole.

“In 2000 the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) were made Freemen of the Borough, so it is right that we now extend this privilege, recognising members of the PSNI for their self-sacrifice, bravery and professionalism.

“The PSNI has a large presence across Castlereagh, with many training centres, stations and other premises located within the borough. This is the right time for the Council to bestow this tribute, especially as Castlereagh will cease to exist in its current form in coming years under RPA.

“I hope this worthy motion receives full support from across the chamber, signalling the Council’s unanimous support for the rule of law within the borough. Often too many people fail to appreciate the value of the rule of law to society as a whole and the PSNI should be rewarded for upholding calm and order on our streets.”

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