Alliance meets RUC part time reserve campaigners

Alliance leader David Ford MLA and Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA have met members of the RUC part time reserve welfare group to hear about their campaign for part time reservists to receive a gratuity payment for their service.

Alliance leader David Ford said: “The issue of giving a one off payment to former members of the RUC part time reserve has been going on for too long without a solution in sight.

“They played an important role in maintaining the rule of law and I was particularly concerned to hear their fear that they have become the forgotten police of Northern Ireland. They did almost as much work as their full time and reserve colleagues, yet they have not received any where near as much recognition or pay for their work.

“They have even been told by police chiefs in England that special constables under their command who received a discharge while on duty would have received more recognition and pay than what part time reservists in Northern Ireland have got.

“I have written to the Minister for State, Paul Goggins asking him to do all that is possible to ensure that they receive the pay and recognition that they deserve.”


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