Alliance makes radical pledges to end segregation and boost public services

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that the Alliance manifesto provides local people with the opportunity for a better future by ending segregation. Segregation costs taxpayers one billion pounds every year and Alliance has outlined a wide range of improvements which can be made for local people if segregation is stopped. Alliance unveiled their manifesto to the media today at The Edge Restaurant in Belfast.

Speaking at the manifesto launch, David Ford said: “Our manifesto is about delivering a brighter future for everyone. Only Alliance will create a shared future and improve local services by ending segregation and ending waste.

“In our manifesto we have pledged to:

· End segregation and redirect the one billion pounds saved to the improvement of public services.

· Reduce the regional rate by the amount to be raised by water charges.

· Abolish tuition fees, which are unfair and have hit local students hard.

· Deliver free personal care for older people.

· Abolish dental and eye check-up charges for everyone.

· Set a target that 10% of children are educated in integrated schools by 2010, and guarantee the right of any parent to send their child to an integrated school.

· Establish an independent Environmental Protection Agency, which will have the power to enforce environmental legislation.

· Ensure that all migrant workers and immigrants have full access to public services and employment rights.

“Alliance is the only party that is truly committed to a shared future and building a united community. The four tribal parties totally failed to deliver a shared future in the last Executive, when they had the opportunity.

“We know from responses on the doorsteps that local people are fed up with divisive rhetoric and can see that for Northern Ireland to work, we need a shared future and a party that will deliver it.

“Alliance has a set of specific costed commitments and we have identified the savings to be made by ending segregation and re-directing expenditure to priority areas. Other parties have simply produced wishlists and are intent on sending the begging bowl to Whitehall and to Leinster House.

“The people of Northern Ireland have the power to make this vision a reality by voting Alliance. Only Alliance will deliver for everyone and only Alliance, through ending segregation, has the vision to make real improvements in Northern Ireland.”


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