Alliance continues battle to save Ards coastline

Strangford Alliance Representative Kieran McCarthy has called on people to remember the battle to save Ards coastline and a local play park when they vote on 7th March. Kieran McCarthy has led the campaign to stop Ards Council selling off this treasured public land to property developers.

Kieran McCarthy said: “The battle to save the Ards coastline goes on. We will not let this land be sold because it will be turned into building sites and local people will have lost valued areas which belong to them.

“I spearheaded the campaign to try and save this land and organized a public meeting in Portaferry at which local people vented their anger at the Council for attempting this disgraceful sell-off.

“I am extremely unhappy that not only is the Council planning to sell off costal land which is vital part of our environmental heritage, but they want to sell a children’s playpark in Portaferry.

“There are few enough resources for children in this area without the Council taking away this much used playpark.

“Local people must not forget who is trying to sell their land when it comes to polling day. I plan to continue the fight to save this land and I have the support of a massive number of local people.”


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