Alliance Leader slams Programme for Government as ‘very weak’

Alliance Leader David Ford has described the Programme for Government as extremely weak, stating it doesn’t even mention anything about a Shared Future or community relations. The Programme for Government was unveiled by the First and Deputy First Ministers in the Assembly this morning.

David Ford said: “This is a shockingly bad document. There is not a single mention of a Shared Future, community relations or good relations. There is not even the slightest hint that the Executive wants to end segregation in our society.

“We welcome plans for efficiencies in the civil service; however, the cash saved by doing this is only a drop in the ocean compared to the £1.5 billion wasted every year on segregation.

“Local people will be appalled at the lack of coherent plans within this weak document. The four Executive parties were given special advisors as long ago as last November in the Programme for Government Committee, to help them come up with a decent programme. However, this thin document is significantly worse than what we have seen in previous years.

“Even the Trimble administration made a Shared Future a priority in their Programme for Government. The total disregard for this matter and the flimsy nature of their overall plans show that this Executive is actually moving Northern Ireland backwards instead of forwards.”


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