Alliance Leader says ‘where is the Programme for Government?’

Alliance Leader David Ford has launched a stinging attack on the Executive for stalling on creating a Programme for Government. He said that the delay in creating a Programme for Government has caused uncertainty in our frontline services.

David Ford said: “Where is the Programme for Government? Why have the Executive not produced one yet?

“Not only is there no sign of a draft Programme for Government, there is no sustained engagement with any Assembly Committee on individual Department’s priorities. Indeed, rumours suggest that the Executive is unable to agree a single new priority.

“This failure on their behalf could cost local people dearly. Such a lack of coherent forward planning causes uncertainty and could put into jeopardy important projects and vital services. We know that the Executive is inept, but I am sure people at least expected them to be able to put together some form of Programme for Government.

“Running away from making vitally important decisions is becoming the hallmark of this Executive. The budget is supposed to follow the Programme for Government. However, the necessity to approve the budget means that it may now precede the Programme for Government. If this happens, it would mean that devolution will achieve nothing in it’s first 23 months. Half of the electoral term will be wasted.

“People are beginning to doubt whether this Executive has the ability or the courage to make decisions at all, let alone the right ones at the right time. It’s time for delivery, not delay.”


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