Alliance Leader says Executive still has much to prove after 100 days of devolution

Alliance Leader David Ford has stated that after 100 days of devolution the Executive still has to prove that it will make a real and positive difference to peoples’ everyday lives. He stated that a massive issue that the Executive is failing on is creating a shared future, with OFMDFM’s continued stalling of the publication of the vital report on the cost of segregation. He also said the government have dragged their heels on free personal care and have stalled on tough and important decisions regarding rates and water charges.

David Ford said: “The Executive really needs to prove to local people that they can make a positive difference to their everyday lives.

“They have dealt deal well with isolated issues like foot and mouth disease; however, their report card after 100 days is not exactly brilliant.

“The Executive continues to be in turmoil over the multi-sports stadium issue, and unfortunately the Health Minister is dragging his heels over introducing free personal care for older people.

“Other vital decisions which have a massive impact on local people like rates and water charges have been delayed. They have not gone away and the Executive must remember that.

“However, the biggest issue which they have failed to make any impact on whatsoever is the creation of a shared future. This is illustrated by OFMDFM’s continued delaying of the publication of the cost of segregation report, which could free up one billion pounds of public money every year.

“Whilst it is good to see devolution up and running again after years of needless and costly delays, this Executive still has a lot to prove.”


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