Alliance leader and predecessor nominated for Westminster

Alliance has nominated Party Leader David Ford MLA, and his predecessor Sean Neeson MLA, as its Westminster candidates for South and East Antrim.

Mr Ford stated: “David Burnside effectively admitted yesterday that there is now no difference between the Unionist parties. Both have had their chance to deliver stability, both failed. They seek a mandate for stagnation, we seek a mandate for progress. An Alliance vote is a vote for the restoration of local decision-making and a united community in South Antrim delivering better health services, better policing and better transport facilities.”

Mr Neeson said the party was enthusiastic about its chances in East Antrim: “Our highest local vote share and our highest local vote share increase were both achieved in this constituency in the past two elections. We know that people want an end to political stagnation, that people understand the Unionist parties cannot deliver it, and that they will vote for real progress on 5 May.”


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