Alliance launches campaign for #AE17

Alliance Leader Naomi Long has said people can make the strongest stand against scandal and corruption and for open, transparent and accountable government by voting Alliance, as she announced her party’s Assembly election candidates.

The party will be running 21 candidates across the 18 constituencies, with Mrs Long saying they offered a positive vision for voters across Northern Ireland.

Naomi Long said: “It is understandable many people feel disillusioned and even angry with the Assembly and politics, and don’t believe anything will ever change. But, it absolutely can and the power to make it change is in each of our hands.

“Alliance is not just standing against what has gone before, but is standing for a positive and progressive change in our government and community. An Alliance vote isn’t just an empty protest vote; it’s a vote for positive transformation, one than can deliver real change for good in every constituency and in the Assembly.

“Every vote cast for Alliance will matter. In every costituency not only can you elect Alliance MLAs to represent you, but you can also send out a strong message about the type of society you want to see, for this generation and the next.

“We know the Assembly structures need reform and now is the chance to make that change – to deliver good government, good services, good prospects, good relations and good leadership.

“As Leader, I promised to build Alliance beyond greater Belfast. We are already recruiting new members and activists across the country at an unprecedented rate. Alliance’s candidates are rooted in their constituencies and have the skills and the vision to give good representation. I’m proud to stand with them to seek election and, with the support of voters, I’m confident we have chosen a team that can and will drive forward needed change for good.”

East Antrim – Stewart Dickson and Danny Donnelly
East Belfast – Naomi Long and Chris Lyttle
East Londonderry – Chris McCaw
Fermanagh and South Tyrone – Noreen Campbell
Foyle – Colm Cavanagh
Lagan Valley – Trevor Lunn
Mid Ulster – Fay Watson
Newry and Armagh – Jackie Coade
North Antrim – Patricia O’Lynn
North Belfast – Nuala McAllister
North Down – Stephen Farry
South Antrim – David Ford
South Belfast – Paula Bradshaw and Emmet McDonough-Brown
South Down – Patrick Brown
Strangford – Kellie Armstrong
Upper Bann – Tara Doyle
West Belfast – Sorcha Eastwood
West Tyrone – Stephen Donnelly
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