Alliance launches alternative programme of government

The Alliance Party has today launched an alternative Programme of Government. It sets out what Alliance believes to be the priorities for the Executive and the Assembly over the forthcoming year.

The Executive is scheduled to present their Programme of Government to the Assembly on the afternoon of Monday 16 October, subject to agreement within the Executive to proceed.

Commenting on the Alliance alternative plan, Party Leader, Sean Neeson said:

“Alliance is the largest party of constructive opposition in the Assembly. We see our role as not only supporting the Agreement, but also challenging the Executive through proposing alternative and radical ideas, and critiquing the proposals of Ministers.”

“Many of the divisions between Departments are arbitrary. Therefore, Alliance stresses the importance of ‘joined-up’ government in order to tackle thematic issues that cut across departmental lines of responsibility, including social exclusion/’ghettoisation’, public health, and sustainable development. Indeed, the Executive needs to demonstrate a greater degree of collective responsibility to achieve such objectives.”

“The major theme that Alliance suggests is the promotion of sharing over separation. We want to see all policies proofed for their impact on creating a shared society. Greater efforts must go into promoting integrated education and mixed housing, and overcoming the divisions in this society.”

“Other proposals that we are putting forward include: the creation of a Children’s Commissioner, initiatives to promote E-Government, the creation of an Information Technology Commission, reform of Fair Employment monitoring, the creation of an all-island energy market, a review of planning legislation and a NI Office in Brussels.”

“Alliance believes that emphasis should be placed upon sustainable economic growth. Furthermore, the Executive must be prepared to lobby Westminster for tax-varying powers so that local politicians can address local spending priorities.”

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