Alliance in call for action on human trafficking in Northern Ireland

Alliance Party spokesperson on equality and human rights Yvonne Boyle has called for a greater focus on human trafficking in Northern Ireland. Her comments follow her attendance at a seminar today on human trafficking run by the Business and Professional Women Northern Ireland.

The Alliance Party chair said: “It is shocking how many women are being trafficked into and out of Northern Ireland.

“We need to adopt a human rights approach to women and children who are being exploited and abused.

“In Scotland there is an inter agency to deal with this problem but so far there is no equivalent here, something that I feel needs to be addressed.

“Not enough focus is being given to the sex trade in Northern Ireland which has allowed this scandal to continue. More resources and training is needed to provide protection to victims. This issue needs to be raised amongst both the public and the Executive.

“It is a scandal that this is allowed to continue when the resources are there to reduce the one and half billion pounds wasted on our segregated society.

“I would also like to commend the Business and Professional Women Northern Ireland for organising this event.”


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