Alliance hopes new dental reforms will prevent shortage of NHS dentists

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor, Sara Duncan, has welcomed the reforms on dental care which will modernise services and ensure that everyone has access to a dentist. He comments comes following today’s announcement by Minister Paul Goggins which introduces a package of reform for primary dental care over the next ten years.

Cllr Sara Duncan said: “I welcome this initiative because it will help avert a potential crisis in dental care in Northern Ireland.

“Problems have arisen because so many are dentists are operating on a private basis and only accept private patients. Had this matter not been addressed, many people would be unable to find an NHS dentist.

“The dental health of many local primary school children is very poor. This scheme should help young people by enabling dentists to tackle basic problems before they require major dental surgery.

“I am pleased that these reforms focus on prevention, as they will help ensure that vital NHS funding is not spent dealing with avoidable dental problems.”

Sara Duncan concluded: “It is of paramount importance that an adequate number of NHS dentists are provided to ensure that older people and those on low incomes have access to dental care.”


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