Alliance hits out at UUP negativity over First Minister post

East Antrim Alliance Representative Gerardine Mulvenna has said that Alliance works with all parties to build consensus and she said the UUP would do well to follow Alliance’s example instead of being negative on issues like who will be First Minister. Her comments come in response to remarks made by the UUP’s Rodney McCune accusing Alliance of doing the bidding of the DUP and Sinn Fein.

Gerardine Mulvenna said: “Alliance is working with everyone to building consensus to see us through these difficult economic times. We need partnership government to help create stability and grow our economy whilst protecting vital services in health, policing and education. The UUP seems only to want to cause turmoil in the Executive and at times their members don’t even agree with each other on issues.

“It also appears that the UUP are doing the DUP’s bidding by trying to make the ‘who will be First Minister’ issue the talking point of the election. They’re making themselves a virtual irrelevance if, as they say, they are merging with the DUP in a post-election pact to stop Sinn Fein. They have, by talking up this issue, almost told the public ‘vote DUP’ to stop Sinn Fein.

“Also, does Rodney McCune agree with his own Leader that he would like to form a pact with the DUP post-election or does he disagree with Tom Elliott and side with Deputy Leader John McCallister and Basil McCrea?

“The UUP would do well to follow Alliance’s example of constructive politics instead of focusing on negativity and obsessing about who will be First Minister. Politicians need to listen to the public, instead of wasting time on tribal negativity.”


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