Alliance hits out at Sinn Fein forensic suggestion

The Alliance Party has hit out at suggestions by Sinn Fein that the British and Irish Governments should pay for a forensic team to help locate the bodies of Disappeared.

Alliance Councillor said that Sinn Fein had no shame when it came to dealing with the victims of the IRA and in shifting blame and responsibility to others.

Tom Campbell, a member of Newtownabbey Council, said, “The Sinn Fein statement is breathtaking in its arrogance and gross insensitivity displayed towards the families of the victims of terrorism.

“The best funded party in Western Europe is asking that the British and Irish taxpayer foots the bill for forensic scientific services directed towards

finding the bodies of those who were murdered by their colleagues in the IRA. This is particularly insensitive when it comes just as the body of

Gareth O’Connor, whom the Police believe was murdered by the IRA, has been recovered.”

“Sinn Fein cannot shift the blame and responsibility for these atrocities to others. If it takes a scientific expert to locate these bodies should Sinn Fein not arrange to fund and cooperate with such a person?”


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