Alliance expresses concerns following Easter Monday events in Bangor

Alliance Councillors Scott Wilson and Andrew Muir have expressed their concerns after Bangor’s family fun day was overshadowed by a number of arrests, public disorder and over 100 alcohol seizures.

The local Councillors have said questions now need to be answered, after the seaside town’s Easter Monday celebrations again featured scenes of intoxicated young people, disorderly behaviour and assaults on Police and Ambulance personnel – with Abbey Street reported as a hot spot for trouble.

Councillor Scott Wilson said: “As the events unfolded I was contacted by a number of constituents concerned to see what was a positive family day featuring a carnival pirate themed parade overshadowed by the actions of a few determined to cause bother and endanger the welfare of others.

“Whilst many people will have had an enjoyable day, the activities of some now require the Council, the Police and other statutory agencies to review how we can ensure Easter Monday in Bangor isn’t again marred by such events.

“As a member of the Policing and Community Safety Partnership I intend to ask these questions and work with all those concerned to ensure all necessary steps are taken to stop a repeat of such disgraceful scenes.”

Also voicing concerns, Councillor Andrew Muir said he was ‘disgusted’ to again see the scenes unfold.

He added: “After previous events last Easter Monday, which required deployment of many police to tackle the ensuing disorder and the attendance of Ambulances to deal with intoxicated young people, I was disgusted to see similar scenes on Easter Monday afternoon with numerous local people contacting me to complain about what had occurred.

“Whilst running through the Town I was shocked to see Bangor strewn with litter with riot police on standby, young people gathered, some drunk and others uttering obscene language to Police Officers and others.

“Whilst the majority of young people were law abiding, good citizens enjoying a family day out fact that a significant number of young people were drunk should be a matter of concern both for the parents involved and society in general, accentuated following the closure of FASA. I intend to follow up these issues with my colleague Councillor Wilson to ensure lessons are learnt and a plan is put in place to stop this seemingly annual occurrence.”

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