Alliance discusses six point plan with Blair

An Alliance Party delegation today met with Prime Minister, Tony Blair. The delegation comprised the Alliance Assembly Members: Sean Neeson, Seamus Close, David Ford, Eileen Bell, and Kieran McCarthy. The Alliance Six Point Plan was on the agenda.

Speaking after the meeting, Sean Neeson said:

“Alliance had a very constructive meeting with the Prime Minister. We used the meeting to promote our Six Point Plan to break the deadlock. This provides a series of sequenced steps that build mutual trust and confidence in order to facilitate both devolution and decommissioning. The Prime Minister said he found these proposals to be useful.”

“I emphasised to the Prime Minister of the importance of collectivity among the parties, and in particular building up the centre ground. When the process focuses on the Ulster Unionists and Sinn Féin, they are allowed to pander to their extremes. It is vital to build and support the centre as a counterweight.”

“There is a duty on both the Prime Minister and the Taoiseach to kick-start the process. A joint paper from the Governments should be finalised as quickly a possible, and the two Prime Ministers should convene roundtable discussions.”


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