Alliance disappointed at gritting request response

Castlereagh Central Alliance Councillor Michael Long has expressed his disappointment at the failure of the Roads Service to approve a request to add Wynchurch Road to the gritting schedule. Wynchurch Road provides vehicular and pedestrian access to three local schools and a nursery unit.

Cllr Long said: “Several local people had contacted me in recent times asking that Wynchurch Road be added to the gritting schedule, rather than residents having to use salt boxes. As the past week’s weather has demonstrated, conditions can prove so severe that the only effective way to ensure that the roads are properly gritted is for the salting lorries to undertake the work.

“It is very disappointing that Roads Service has refused my request to include Wynchurch Road on the gritting route and instead want local people, many of whom are elderly, to venture out into the ice and snow to clear the roads and footpaths for themselves.

“I am particularly disappointed that this road has not been included given that it provides access to cars for two local primary schools and a nursery unit as well as pedestrian access to the local High School.”


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