Alliance demands transparency on financial settlement for Laurence MacKenzie

Alliance Councillor Tom Campbell has called for openness and transparency in relation to the financial settlement terms following the resignation of NI Water Chief Executive Lawrence MacKenzie.

Newtownabbey Councillor Tom Campbell said: “The reported reluctance of the DRD to “sign off” on financial settlement terms resulting from the resignation of the Chief Executive of Northern Ireland Water is understandable in view of the likely public outcry if the amounts involved are substantial and more than his contractual entitlement. Given that the taxpayer is the sole shareholder in this quango, the public has a right to know what terms were on offer to Mr McKenzie and I trust that there will be no attempt to withhold this information from the public.”

Cllr Campbell concluded: “Widespread speculation at the possible amounts is wide ranging. Rather than leaving more bitterness and in the interests of transparency the settlement package should be made known, as all of this will have been negotiated in our name. What the public will not find palatable, and which is the reason for the reported reluctance of Government officials to agree any deal, is a so called “golden handshake”. Another issue, particularly for DRD and its beleaguered Minister, Conor Murphy, is whether we need to appoint a replacement on the same or similar financial terms. I am sure that a suitable candidate could be attracted from the private sector on a much more realistic salary.”


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