Alliance delivers on commitment to encourage Integrated Education

The Alliance Party has delivered on a commitment to secure a review of the viability criteria for integrated schools, with a view to securing better Government assistance to encourage integrated provision. The motion that was passed in the Assembly today was proposed by Trevor Lunn MLA.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “There is clearly a demand for integrated education in Northern Ireland. A number of polls in the Belfast Telegraph and the Life and Times magazine have recently shown evidence of this. Our objective is to secure adequate Government support and provision so that parents’ choice for integrated education is honoured.

“People in Northern Ireland want to see the barriers of segregation removed and what better way could the Executive do this by making it easier for schools to achieve integrated status?

“I am glad that the Assembly supported our call for a review, despite the bizarre flip-flopping of the Ulster Unionists and the SDLP, and we welcome the Minister’s commitment to carry out this review urgently.

“This motion has resulted in delivery of one of the Alliance Party’s core policy commitments, and we look forward to securing similar outcomes on issues such as costs of division and sustainable development during the autumn.”


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