Alliance delight at 15 meter mast appeal refusal

Local Alliance Councillor Michael Long has expressed his delight at the decision of the Planning Appeals Commission to refuse a planning proposal to erect a 15 metre high Vodafone telecommunications mast at the junction of Rosetta Road and Mount Merrion Avenue. The appeal was made against an original Planning Service refusal last year. Cllr Long has been working with local residents to oppose the application for well over a year.

Cllr Long said: “I am pleased that the Planning Service has refused this application for this huge mast at this busy junction in a residential area. People in the area made their opposition to the mast clear through a petition and I am pleased that the PAC have dismissed the appeal and refused the application. I had asked the Council to support the local residents and am pleased that due to the work of our Planning Officer and local residents this mast will not go ahead.

“Undoubtedly a 15 metres high mast would have had a hugely negative impact on the visual amenity at this busy junction, which was obviously unsuitable for this kind of development given the large amount of existing street furniture.”


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