Alliance condemns attack on Newtownabbey Catholic Church

Alliance Newtownabbey Councillors Billy Webb and John Blair have condemned an attack on St Mary’s Catholic Church on the Shore Road in Newtownabbey. It is believed that a petrol bomb was thrown at the building. A paint bomb may also have been thrown.

Cllr Billy Webb said: “I am saddened and disgusted that anyone can justify attacking a place of worship. There have been numerous attacks on this church in the past eight months but this latest one is the most serious. This attack and previous incidents have been condemned by the vast majority of people. Those who carried out this attack have no support in the community.
“I plead with anyone who may have information, or saw anything suspicious in the early hours of Sunday morning, to contact the PSNI. I also plead for no repercussions over this.”

Cllr John Blair said: “This latest attack is a worrying development in the wake of the distribution of leaflets calling for protests at the Cemetery Sunday Service in Newtownabbey. Whilst I, like others, am relieved that a series of discussions managed to avoid the ugly, sectarian scenes witnessed in the past, the events of this weekend show the absolute need for responsible actions at all times.

“I would also like to pay tribute to the local PSNI for their efforts in ensuring that parishioners could enjoy their Sunday worship despite the need for follow up forensic work. I would urge anybody with any information about this attack to assist the police in their efforts to catch those who seek to blight good community relations with random acts of hatred.”


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