Alliance concern at more homes planned for Dundonald

Castlereagh East Alliance Councillor Judith Cochrane has expressed her concerns about the potential overdevelopment of Dundonald following the Council’s latest planning meeting at which two large proposals for an additional 240 properties were discussed. Cllr Cochrane backed calls for further discussions of a proposal on the old Quarry Inn site where there are plans to provide an additional 178 properties whilst plans for 66 dwellings were also approved for nearby Carrowreagh Road.

Cllr. Cochrane said: “I am very concerned about these proposals for further intensive development in Dundonald – given the existing pressures on the infrastructure the last thing the town needs is another 250 houses and the pressures that they will bring.

“I am particularly concerned at the proposal to put 178 units on such a small site at Old Mill and so am pleased that Councillors are to be given a further opportunity to voice their concerns. There are already problems with access on and off the dual carriageway and, given the fact that Roads Service have again recently turned down an Alliance request to provide traffic lights at the junction, the traffic problems can only get worse.

“It is clear from flooding problems experienced as recently as Friday in Dundonald that the current infrastructure is unable to cope with the existing level of development and future schemes should only be considered once improvements to that have been made.”


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