Alliance challenges UUP to work positively in government or leave

In response to the behaviour of the Ulster Unionists in recent days, Alliance Party Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has challenged them to start being positive and help make government here work. Kieran McCarthy said that being in government is about constructive work and partnership, and he said the UUP must acknowledge that or leave the Executive.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “The current situation as regards the behaviour of the Health Minister is totally unacceptable. I am challenging the Ulster Unionists to be positive and help make government here work better or else leave. Government, be it voluntary or mandatory, is about constructive work and partnership. If the UUP can’t cope with that they should go.

“Northern Ireland needs positive vision and constructive cooperation to deal with the economic and budgetary challenges facing the region. The Ulster Unionists certainly aren’t providing any of these essential ingredients. Alliance is leading change in offering our own real solutions to current budget and economic problems through tackling division, having fair consumer contributions for water and creating jobs through a Green New Deal.

“Tom Elliott has called for proper opposition, and if he’s not prepared to be positive he should take his party out of government and provide an opposition himself.

“The UUP’s negative campaigning has hardly been popular at the polls, with them not able to pick up even one MP seat at the last election. The UUP must either start being constructive or leave government, and let those who are working together to make the best of a difficult situation get on with things.”

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