Alliance calls on Executive to re-invest A5 capital to deliver change

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has called on the Stormont Executive to re-invest the money which it would have spent on the A5 upgrade in this budget period to deliver change to boost our economy and infrastructure. He said the Executive should look at investing in a Green New Deal-style strategy and should also look at advancing the A2 Carrickfergus to Belfast road upgrade project.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “We must be bold and radical in looking at what we should invest this money in.

“This money could be used to bring forward innovative plans regarding a Green New Deal. We could use the funding for a home insulation scheme. This would help boost our construction sector which would carry out this work and would also help keep people’s household bills as low as possible at this very difficult time.

“I would also like to see consideration given to advancing the A2 road upgrade project as soon as possible, as it is ready to be stared immediately and it is vital that we see this route enhanced to meet the massive demands it is placed under. I also believe that the upgrade of this road is very important in terms of business and tourism and it would also provide vital construction jobs.

“There are many other projects with short lead in times whose business cases are already approved. Many of these will be school projects and I would stress that school building spending needs to be linked to invest to save and therefore towards a more sustainable school estate. If we can invest to save by helping facilitate sharing that would be a very good use of this money.”


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