Alliance calls for Minister to set up independent investigation into plane incidents

East Belfast Alliance MP Naomi Long has written to the Environment Minister Edwin Poots to call for a full and independent investigation into all incidents where it has been claimed that tiles have been blown off the roof of buildings by planes landing or taking off from Belfast City Airport. She also wrote to the Civil Aviation Authority asking for them to engage in any process to ensure this issue can be thoroughly examined.

Naomi Long MP said: “This is a deeply concerning issue for people in the area and I have written to the Environment Minister and the Civil Aviation Authority about this. I want the Minister to establish a full and independent investigation into all these incidents because I do not believe an enquiry carried out by City Airport would be sufficiently independent to ensure public confidence.

“There was an incident of this nature last year, and now worryingly there have been two others in the space of a few days in the area, with one actually involving someone being hit by a tile.

“We need to identify the precise cause of this damage in order that further incidents can be prevented. I hope the Minister will respond positively to my correspondence and I hope that the Civil Aviation Authority will engage fully to ensure that answers are provided on this matter.

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo added: “If planes are actually causing something more serious than a noise issue people need to know quickly and we need the Environment Minister to act to create an independent investigation.”


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