Alliance battle against icy pavements provides success story

Following her campaign to tackle icy pavements, East Belfast Alliance Councillor Laura McNamee has secured the provision of a grit box for residents in Ardvarna Crescent in the East of the city.

Cllr Laura McNamee said: “Alliance representatives have been workin hard up and down the country during this cold spell to help tackle the icy pavements issue by putting presssure on Roads Service and by lobbying for constituents to deliver a change in approach.

“I am pleased that following my request, Roads Service has agreed to provide a grit box at Ardvarna Crescent. This will enable people in the area to grit pavements themselves and counter these treacherous conditions.

“Alliance has a proud record of delivery on the ground in East Belfast and I am glad to be able to continue this.

“I hope that Roads Service will learn the lessons of this year, as we must never again see the disruption that was seen in both January and December.”


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