Alliance backs campaign to stop racism in workplace

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor, Sara Duncan, has backed Anti-Racist Workplace Week. The week aims to raise awareness and help fight racism at work. On Saturday Sara Duncan reported racist graffiti on School Road in Castlereagh to police after a friend informed her of its presence. She stated that racism must be eradicated from every part of society in Northern Ireland

Cllr Sara Duncan said: “Alliance strongly supports Anti-Racist Workplace Week.

“I commend such awareness raising programmes and I hope this one will help to eradicate this disgusting aspect of society here.

“On Saturday morning, I was informed of racist graffiti on School Road, off Saintfield Road, and I reported it to police. I am absolutely disgusted by this and hope that police make progress in finding those responsible for the graffiti.

“For too long prejudice has disgracefully been allowed to flourish in Northern Ireland. Racism must be tackled head-on and must be stamped out as a matter of urgency.”


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