Alliance backs campaign to keep noise down in student areas

Alliance Party South Belfast Representative, Allan Leonard, has backed a campaign launch by Queens Students Union to encourage students to keep noise levels at a minimum at night. The campaign called SSHH is being run by Queens Students Union in co-operation with Belfast City Council.

Allan Leonard said: “I welcome this campaign and hope it is successful in reducing noise at night in student areas.

“This is an excellent display of student leadership and I want to give it my full support. It is only through student-led initiatives like this, that students can ultimately change their often negative image.

“This initiative will encourage students to feel part of the community that they live in. It will hopefully create better relations between students and long-term local residents.

“Its not just about keeping noise down, its about keeping the streets clean and respecting local people.

“Students should enjoy themselves on nights out, but they should remember that many people who live in their areas have to get up early in the morning to go to work.”


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