Alliance backs call to move Old Firm games

Alliance Sports Spokesman Michael Long has backed PSNI calls to the Scottish Premier League not to hold Old Firm games on the same days as potentially contentious parades.

Mr Long was speaking after police cameras showed that many of those involved in last weekend’s rioting in the North West after the Celtic vs Rangers game were wearing those clubs’ shirts.

Mr Long said: “While the Apprentice Boys march on Saturday was not in itself to blame for the rioting, it can easily become a focal point for violence when emotions are running high on an Old Firm match day.

“This is not a criticism of the parade, but simply a plea to Rangers and Celtic to show greater sensitivity to the situation in Northern Ireland. Since most of the football season is outside the marching season, there are rarely any problems.

“But if both Scottish clubs are serious about demonstrating their anti-sectarian credentials, they must take this call from the PSNI very seriously in order to avoid public disorder in Northern Ireland in the future.”

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