Alliance annoyed that parties are focusing on tribal First Minister issue

Alliance East Antrim Representative Gerardine Mulvenna said she is frustrated that parties like the DUP, Sinn Fein and UUP are making a big issue of who will be First Minister, instead of focusing on bread and butter issues. She said that the election campaign must focus on the real issues people are concerned with and not turn into a tribal battle-a-day. She said people want to hear how politicians will create jobs, build a shared future and deliver quality services.

Gerardine Mulvenna said: “This must be an election decided on the issues that matter to people in their everyday lives, not a battle involving the politics of the past. I am deeply annoyed that other parties like the DUP, UUP and Sinn Fein are making this election about who will be First Minister.

“These parties always try and say they are focusing on real issues, but when it comes down to it they can never resist resorting to the tribal battle about who will be First Minister.

“People want to hear how parties will create more employment and grow our economy. Alliance believes creating a Green New Deal and the implementation of a strong skills strategy will greatly help to boost our economy.

“The public also wants to know what parties are doing to tackle the £1 Billion wasted annually on maintaining a divided society. Tackling this waste is Alliance’s top priority. We are the party of a shared future.

“The public will not tolerate tribal debates about who should be First Minister or who is trying to block who. Such behaviour will not create jobs or deliver better services – it is simply a negative and divisive issue.

“There are real concerns about public services, and people want parties that have ideas on delivering improvements and greater value for money. Alliance is prepared to be radical and deliver North/ South co-operation on some health services to ensure more efficiency and the same high standard of service.

“The tribal battle-a-day mentality that often surfaces is absolutely unacceptable. People want constructive politics and politicians who will work together to build consensus and tackle problems. Alliance is leading change, delivering positive politics and offering solutions. Politicians should listen to the public and ensure that real issues are addressed to prevent this election becoming another battle of the politics of the past.”


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