Alliance announcees County Down Westminster team

Alliance has nominated a complete set of candidates for the constituencies wholly in County Down. Alongside Julian Crozier in South Down, Cllr David Alderdice will contest North Down and Kieran McCarthy will contest Strangford.

Dr Alderdice’s candidacy in North Down is sure to make it a three-way battle for Westminster. He stated: “Alliance stood down in good faith to enable the election of Lady Hermon last time. Although I have great respect for Sylvia, the fact is that during that period we have in fact seen her party move the political process up a cul-de-sac, and lurch to the right, trying to ‘out-DUP’ the DUP. It is quite clear that Alliance now represents the only way forward. I am standing to give the people of North Down a chance to give me an unmistakeable, unequivocal mandate for progress based on fairness and respect for the rule of law.”

Kieran McCarthy, longstanding representative of the people of Strangford at local government and Assembly level, added: “It is now clear that there is no discernible difference between the Unionist parties. Those people wanting to see results on the real issues — such as free personal care for the elderly — will have the chance to show their priorities by voting Alliance on 5 May.”


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