Alliance angered by meeting with two Governments

An Alliance Party delegation today met with the British and Irish Governments. The Alliance included: David Ford MLA, Eileen Bell MLA, and Naomi Long MLA.

Speaking after the meeting, David Ford, Alliance Party Leader, said:

“We had an extremely angry meeting with the two Governments this afternoon. I suspect that the only value of the meeting will be if it causes Ministers to wonder why their recent behaviour has so annoyed a cross-community political party like Alliance, which is committed to moving this society forward in partnership.

“We raised a number of issues with the Government’s sectarian and divisive way of governing Northern Ireland. These included the legislation on paramilitary fugitives, the failure to consult upon a victims’ commissioner, the sectarian repartitioning of Northern Ireland under the guise of the Reform of Public Administration, and the apartheid way in which the Policing Board is being reconstituted.

“The Secretary of State, Peter Hain, either failed or refused to respond to our concerns on each of these points.

“Unless the Government starts to act in an inclusive and open way, I have grave doubts about their ability to restore devolution.”


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